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Upon finding out that she was going to represent the state of California as the Young Mother of the Year, Jocelyn Hansen of the Glendora 2nd Ward in the Glendora California Stake said with humility, “I’m not qualified, this is embarrassing. It’s embarrassing because I can pick out my friends that do a better job at things that I struggle with.”

She would go on to say that “anyone who is working their hardest to be a mom is the mother of the year.”

Sister Hansen had grown up wanting to be a mom.

“In life, we are asked to follow Christ’s example,” she said. “So what [is a] better way to do that than being a mother?”

When Sister Hansen was asked how she learned to be a mother, she said, “As members of the Church, we are really lucky because we have wonderful women in the Church [to look to].”

While it is true that no parent is perfect, she is a perfect fit for her children.

“I feel very in tune with my children’s needs,” she said. “I had a lot of career options, but I knew that staying at home and raising my children was what I wanted to do.”

In the Hansen household, “mothering” is done not only by Sister Hansen, but it is done by the Hansen girls as well. “My boy has three ‘little moms,’” she said. “He bonds them together by making them be big sisters to him.”

According to the song “The Family Is of God,” “A mother’s purpose is to care, prepare, to nurture and to strengthen all her children. She teaches children to obey, to pray, to love and serve in the family” — things that these young girls are doing for their brother.

Although Sister Hansen was originally less than thrilled to be honored, being picked to represent the state of California as Young Mother of the Year does have its perks.

One of her daughters has been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and she can use her platform to help with diabetes awareness and funding.

As part of her service as Young Mother of the Year, she is looking to organize a golf tournament to raise money for treating Type 1 diabetes.

In addition to being able to do for those with Type 1 diabetes, Sister Hansen said, “I can also be a missionary in the organization of this extraordinary group of women.”

Speaking at the American Mothers, Inc. Mom to Mom conference, Sister Hansen summed up her thoughts of the purpose of mothers by quoting President Gordon B. Hinckley “We must never lose sight of the strength of women. It is mothers who directly affect the lives of children. They are the creators of life. They are the nurturers of children. How great is their role, how marvelous their contribution” (“Standing Strong and Immovable,” Worldwide Leadership Training Meeting, Jan. 10, 2004).


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