I have had a goal of earning my Eagle Scout for many years. My grandfather is a Silver Beaver, my uncle is a Silver Beaver, and four other uncles are Eagle Scouts. Even my dad is an Eagle Scout. All of them try to lead and help inspire other young boys like m toward earning their Eagle Scouts.

Let us all remember: It is called the Boy Scouts of America. It is not the "Adult Scouts of America." All other positions and leadership officials are there to lead, inspire and help other young boys year after year to aspire to become an Eagle Scout.

Instead, what has been happening is adults have been wasting precious time and resources that could have been going towards us boys.

In 2012, my older brother completed his Eagle Scout project for Ghana for newborn babies and their mothers. I am aware of other wonderful and beneficial service projects performed by scouts and their troops.

I would hope and pray that people everywhere would put politics and agendas behind them and start looking forward to many years of BSA support.

Leave the "Boys" out of the politics please.

Zachary Holt