"The Sugar Smart Diet" is by Anne Alexander with Julia VanTine.

Editor's note: This is one of several cookbooks and other informational books that cater to specific medical issues have crossed our desks recently. While books like these can help supplement a diet or treatment, they should be coupled with the advice of medical professionals.

"THE SUGAR SMART DIET," by Anne Alexander with Julia Van Tine, Rodale, $26.99, 300 pages (nf)

“The Sugar Smart Diet” by Anne Alexander with Julia Van Tine is packed with tips, testimonials, scientific research, exercise routines and recipes to help the average American conquer addiction to the ubiquitous, sometimes hidden sugar contained in almost all foods found on supermarket shelves.

Based on solid research, the diet creators say that most people who adhere to it drop up to 16 pounds and 16 inches in 32 days. Daily tips, encouragement and menus are provided for each of the diet’s three phases.

Going cold turkey from sugar in any form was the first and most difficult phase of the diet for the 18 people who tried it during the research done for the book. However, phase three menus include an occasional sugary treat.

The premise behind the diet is that individuals must make informed decisions about what they put in their bodies. “Having choices doesn’t make you free,” writes Alexander. “Making choices — smart, informed ones — does.”

Alexander is the editorial director of Prevention magazine and lives with her three children in Emmaus, Pennsylvania. Julia VanTine writes about health from her home in Reading, Pennsylvania.

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