Another unbelievable massacre by a young man has happened again and we have all listened to an anguished father declare that something needs to be done about gun control. Why are we seeing such an increase in angry and violent young people who seem to have none of the values that really launch a productive life?

Believing that gun control alone will solve the problem is not recognizing the whole picture. It seems to me that we are raising way too many young people who are violent and mean. Why is this so? It seems obvious that movies, TV, Internet and violent games are the largest contributor to a loss of these values and to violence.

Many of us are concerned about the breakdown of the family and parents who allow their children to be exposed to harmful and mind-altering entertainment. One common thread that seems to run through the lives of these young angry people is absentee parenting. What can we possibly expect to be the likely result? The minds of children are vulnerable and open.

We are losing the values that made us a great country and a great people who were universally respected. I, for one, am praying and hoping for a true and honest logical evaluation of what is happening here.

LaRae Anderson

Salt Lake City