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This week’s Deseret News National Edition examines why fearlessness leads to suicide, why people make bad financial decisions based on "category size bias," and when streaming becomes stealing.

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Suicide is a topic that is difficult for families to talk about, but talking is the key to prevention. Dr. Thomas Joiner is a world-renowned expert on suicide. His book "Why People Die By Suicide" offers one of the clearest accounts of why some people choose to die. He finds three factors that mark those most at risk: the feeling of being a burden, the sense of isolation and the learned ability to hurt oneself. Joiner's reasons for writing this book are deeply personal. He lost his father to suicide and has made it his life's mission to spare other families the same pain. He discussed why suicide remains the most stigmatized mental illness with producer Candice Madsen.

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When making financial decisions, families and businesses make many predictions. For example, when investing in the stock market, they may try to predict which stock will be most likely to outperform the market. Or when choosing the appropriate level of insurance to carry, they may try to predict which type of damage is most likely to occur. Business professors Aaron Brough from Utah State University and Matt Isaac from Seattle University investigated what can go wrong with people’s predictions. Brough discussed their findings with Dave McCann.

There are a lot of websites that offer access to free movies and television shows. But many families are unaware about what can happen when you let these sites stream into your home. Debbie Dujanovic explains how a free download could end up costing you a lot more than you ever expected.

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Graduation is a time of excitement and uncertainty for high school seniors. Deanie Wimmer gathered together a group of student body presidents and asked them about their fears and hopes for the future.

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