As a native of Utah, I have great memories of running the Deseret News 10K with my dad and siblings over 20 years ago. Since I will be visiting Utah on the 24th of July, I thought it would be a great reunion to run the race with my dad and introduce my husband to the race. I got online to register and couldn't believe how much it costs to run the 10K. We are just under two months away and it is now $44. Needless to say, we probably won't be running it this year, as we are spending a good amount of money to get to Utah. Even if we lived in Utah and registered early, it would still be cost-prohibitive.

I'd love my kids to run it to, but if we were to do it as a family, it would be almost $200. I know races cost money and I appreciate all that the Deseret News does to organize this historic race each year. But in an era when we are encouraging exercise and healthy living, the cost of running a race is too high.

Andrea LeBaron

Salisbury, Maryland