SUN TAN VALLEY, Ariz.—Last year, several seniors at Combs High School were banned from graduation because of a food fight they started as a senior prank. This year at the same high school, seniors decided to "prank it forward" by paying a local waiter a $510 tip.

According to Fox 10, the Olive Garden waiter needed help with some medical bills, so the senior class decided to help him.

When it came time to pay the bill for their lunch, the teens slipped the waiter a note with the money that said: "Combs High School's graduation class of 2014 has elected to 'Prank It Forward.' Rather than participating in a traditional senior prank that could reflect negatively on Combs High School, the senior class decided to do something positive. It's part of the culture change that CHS has undergone this school-year. Please accept this tip on behalf of the graduating seniors of Combs High School as we 'Prank It Forward.'"

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