South Jordan's mayor desires to destroy the beautiful green space of the popular landmark, Mulligan's Golf and Games. Located along the Jordan River, Mulligan's has the best of both worlds­­ — the entertainment of a nine-hole golf course, batting cages and heated driving range that attract over 250,000 patrons a year, as well as the scarcity of open space along a protected river that brings migratory birds and other rare wildlife seldom seen in a city.

It seems our city leaders would choose to add more housing, commercial development and in particular, Hale Center Theatre over saving an activity and family-oriented outdoor facility in what looks like the Garden of Eden.

Isn't it time for the City Council to hear the citizens and see more than dollar signs? Don't we want future generations to be physically active and utilizing the healing powers of nature right here in our own city rather than sitting down and being entertained? If Hale Center is wanted in South Jordan, locate it on a different plot of land. Some things are more important than money.

Kerry Dalling

South Jordan