"Reading Rainbow" went off the air in 2009, but host LeVar Burton has a vision to continue its legacy.

Burton, along with a team of artists, producers and others, created a page on kickstarter.com to raise money for a digital version of the show.

"Thirty minutes on TV was yesterday's world. In today’s world, today’s kids want today’s technology," Barton said in a video on Kickstarter.

The "Reading Rainbow" app was created two years ago, but Burton wants to reach an audience beyond tablet owners.

His goal is to develop a Web-enabled "Reading Rainbow" for the home, create a classroom version with the tools teachers need and subsidize the cost for classrooms so that schools most in need can get "Reading Rainbow" for free, according to Kickstarter.

The "Reading Rainbow" digital edition will consist of the show's unlimited library of interactive books and video field trips.

Read more on kickstarter.com.

Megan Marsden Christensen is an intern with the Deseret News writing for the Faith & Family section. She recently graduated from BYU-Idaho with a bachelor's degree in communication.