I have watched the complaints of solar power owners about the power company proposal to charge a "system use" fee of four plus dollars a month for use of the power system. Solar panels are energy producers, but cannot handle sudden requirements for things such as starting large motors. Of course, they also cannot respond to power needs at night.

Solar power users use the power grid as a storage device by which demands beyond the capability of the solar panels and transfer of energy from day to nighttime come from the power grid. Successful operation of solar panels without the availability of the power grid would require more solar panels to assure adequate supply, and would require the installation of electrical storage, such as a large battery. Further, the solar owner would lose revenue from being unable to sell excess energy to the power company. Installations to operate without the grid would cost far more than the small charge the power company is requesting.

I pay for my usage of the power grid. Solar power owners should share in that cost because of the benefit they get from the grid. Or, if they choose to, they can disconnect from the grid and see how that works for them.

Harry A. Haycock