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"Push Up Pop Treats" is by Lizzy Early.

In addition to her “Make It with a Cake Mix” (Covenant Communications, $21.99) cookbook, Lizzy Early has also recently released a Push Up Pop Treats Kit (Covenant Communications, $14.99).

Similar in concept to push-up ice pops, Early’s push-up pop treats contain layers of cake, icing and garnishes in the form of sprinkles, cookie bits and more assembled in a plastic tube with a mechanism to push the layers out the top for consumption.

“I had seen the push pops occasionally online at weddings and parties, so we (she and her publisher) decided to make a kit,” Early said in an interview with the Deseret News. “Pretty photos make a big difference, so I really wanted to tackle this and make it gorgeous. That was such a fun project.”

The kit includes six push-up pop containers, an icing bag and decorative tip and a short cookbook with 16 cake mix recipes and assembly instructions for the push-up pops.

An attempt at the cookies and cream push-up pops proved delicious but very time-consuming. Early’s recipe was unusual and tasty, but the process of putting the pops together was messy.

Yielding a finished product like the pops in Early’s book would certainly come at the price of time and practice.

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