A university should be the last place on earth to censor someone because he or she has different ideas. When truth is the object of learning, hearing opposing ideas is an excellent way to see which points to explore further. Our personal knowledge is expanded when we are presented with new ideas. If we are wise, we listen before researching and we research before deciding which idea has the most merit.

It's not just universities where close-minded people reject ideas. That trait can be found almost anywhere. Look at the posts commenting on letters in any newspaper with an electronic edition. Close-minded people constantly reject anything that opposes their viewpoint by "shouting down" those they oppose. Listen to people talking. So many times they only want to hear from others who support their point of view. Look at the present administration in Washington. With millions of people unemployed, there is no one with extensive business experience serving at a cabinet level position.

Open-minded people are not afraid of hearing new things. They are invigorated by new and different ideas.

Mike Richards

South Jordan