With the upcoming elections, wouldn’t it be nice to have regular coverage of politics in the news, rather than a sidelight or only if it is sensational? Isn’t it newsworthy for the public to be well informed as to the qualifications and views of the various candidates? If the public were well informed of the issues, wouldn’t the majority of the public then choose the correct course of action?

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Responsible and full coverage by the reporters of candidates and their presentations at meetings, luncheons, etc. could be regularly reported in the news media at a fixed spot. Records of our civic representatives (national, state, county, city) could be regularly reported. Proposals, views and suggestions of both incumbents and opponents could be reported. TV and radio could present their reporting of political activities as a routine part of their regular newscasts. By presenting these subjects consistently, the public would become accustomed to the politics location and therefrom evaluate the candidates’ positions more knowledgeably. Voters could better evaluate, throughout the nominating process, who should represent them.

Don Olson

Salt Lake City