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This week’s Deseret News National Edition takes a closer look at the safety and cost-saving features of dome schools. Plus, an Iraq War veteran shares her experience of juggling motherhood with war, and Bishop John C. Wester explains his love for baseball.

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Schools districts in "tornado alley" have been scrambling to build more storm shelters for schools after a monstrous EF5 twister ripped through Moore, Oklahoma, last year, killing 24 people, including nine children. Debbie Dujanovic visits a town that has come up with a solution for safer schools that is out-of-the-box.

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Before the first Gulf War, mothers were given the choice to carry out service obligations or honorably leave the military, but now women are expected to deploy.

The Deseret News National Edition examined the different issues women face as they try to balance their personal and family lives with wartime experience. A mother who served in the National Guard for a decade and was deployed twice shares her experience. Dave McCann also discusses the issue with Kim Olson, a retired colonel from the Air Force and president of Grace After Fire, a nonprofit group that serves women veterans.

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America's pastime has been part of Bishop John C. Wester's life since he was old enough to chase a ball. And, as a fifth-generation San Franciscan, he fondly remembers the days of family outings to watch legendary Giants star Willie Mays. He discusses how baseball and his faith have both shaped his life.

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