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Provided by Ted Meikle
Don Jardine as a U.S. Marine during World War II. He has penned a book about his experiences in "Combat Marine at 17."

"COMBAT MARINE AT 17," by Don L. Jardine, East Bench Publishing, $19.95, 316 pages (nf)

Don Jardine pulls no punches as he describes his combat experiences as a Marine in World War II in “Combat Marine at 17.” It is written in short-story format — with more than 100 stories — as he describes his childhood and life prior to the war, his experiences with enlisting at the age of 17, his wartime experiences, the conclusion of the war and encounters after the war.

Although there is great sensitive content throughout the book, Jardine doesn’t sugar-coat what happened during World War II and gives readers a real-life account of his experiences.

Jardine was born and raised in Rigby, Idaho, before moving with his family to Utah. After the conclusion of WWII, he returned to Utah where he met and married his wife. After a lifelong professional career in Minneapolis, he returned to Utah where he currently resides.

He also doesn't shy away from the realities of war, as some of the photos include enemy casualties, bodies scorched by flamethrowers and the campaigns in Saipan and Tinian and with his experiences in Nagasaki where the atomic bomb was dropped. There are also photos of planes that have pinup girls on them and some references to the openly sexual nature of the Japanese people he encountered. There is foul language as Jardine quotes enemy militants and other comrades.

Micah Klug graduated with a bachelor’s degree in health care administration from Brigham Young University-Idaho. She currently resides in Rexburg, Idaho.