Evan Vucci, Associated Press
In the 24 hours after the Supreme Court announced its decision to essentially uphold the Affordable Care Act, Mitt Romney's campaign raised $4.6 million in online donations, according to multiple reports.

The recent GOP primaries weren’t just a victory for their candidates but for Mitt Romney and his team as well, according to an interview between Romney campaign members and Buzzfeed’s McKay Coppins.

“I think Republicans are sick of losing,” said Robert O’Brien, a Romney family friend and campaign foreign policy adviser, as quoted by Buzzfeed. “I think the Romney brand has had a real resurgence after the campaign, and a lot of Republicans realized, hey this guy was right about a lot of things, and they realize his endorsement carries significant weight.”

Three Romney-sponsored candidates won their respective primaries this past Tuesday, and the team thinks it’s a positive sign for Romney.

“Tonight was a good night for Gov. Romney and his endorsed candidates,” said former campaign spokesman Ryan Williams to Buzzfeed. “For too long our party has been without a powerful voice who has been able to help the most electable conservative candidates build support and raise the resources needed to navigate competitive primary contests. Governor Romney has filled that void.”

Although the jury is still out on how much of an effect his endorsement had, others have agreed that it can only help Romney and his image.

“Romney does carry some weight with a segment of the Republican Party, including some who believe some of his warnings about a second term for Barack Obama were correct, even if widely dismissed,” wrote Joe Gandelman of The Moderate Voice. “The vote was a vindication, of sorts, for the kind of Romneyism displayed by the former Governor after the election.”

Some, however, think Romney is taking credit where credit is not due.

“I’ve seen a lot of post-election spin in my day, but this may take the cake,” wrote Ed Kilgore of Washington Monthly. “All three of these (endorsed) candidates were heavily favored.”

“An endorsement from someone like Mitt Romney matters only in the sense that it means a pretty sizeable check will be headed that candidate’s way,” wrote Simon Maloy of Salon. “So this idea of ‘Romney Republicanism’ suddenly catching fire is a bit ridiculous. There are far more satisfying explanations for why Romney’s candidates won.”

Bethan Owen is a writer for the Deseret News Moneywise and Opinion sections. Twitter: BethanO2