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Stuart Johnson, Deseret News
At 2:45 p.m., Thursday, May 15, 2014, a tank at the Silver Eagle Refinery in Woods Cross had an overpressure incident that sent vapors and chemicals into the air.

WOODS CROSS — Residents packed a City Council meeting Tuesday seeking answers for an incident last week at Silver Eagle Refining.

The May 15 incident occurred when a tank at the refinery had an overpressure incident that sent vapors and chemicals into the air.

"If you choose to store compounds likes that, you better darn well know what is going on," resident Maren Hilbig said.

Woods Cross residents at the meeting voiced their concern that they are being lied to by Silver Eagle Refining.

"I have a son who is sick, and I have a daughter who still has itchy eyes and has been lethargic," West Bountiful resident Heather Gardner said.

The principal of nearby Legacy Preparatory Academy send students home early.

Silver Eagle Refining General Manager Jerry Lockie admitted Tuesday that communication during the incident could have been better.

"The city knows we have a situation we didn't like,” Lockie said. “We take it very, very seriously, and we're all about trying to fix it."

After questioning, he also admitted there were a couple of fires during the incident, something residents say they were never told.

"I do feel like I’ve been lied to since (May 15)," Gardner said.

Now, residents want to know what was burning and released into the air.

"I don't care that it was three to five minutes,” Gardner said. “It was a fire, and it was a volatile material that was in that tank."

Lockie responded that it was a waxy substance in the tank, 90 percent of which is material found in candles and crayons.

He said he would have to get back to residents about the other 10 percent.

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