I head operations at Neighborhood ISP, a small wireless Internet service provider in Utah County. I believe it’s the time to publicly declare my support for net neutrality, as it is currently under serious threat of being dismantled.

If this rule were to pass, we as an ISP would be legally allowed to charge you extra for "premium" access to websites such as Netflix, Hulu, Google or even your source of news and information. If you don’t pay, we could simply throttle your connection to any speed we deem "commercially reasonable." Instead of catering to the increased demand in bandwidth by consumers, some ISPs would seek to charge you and the websites you visit most for access you already pay for through your monthly bill. A free and open Internet drives entrepreneurship, stimulates ISP competition and is your greatest asset when exercising First Amendment rights.

We have taken a stance defending net neutrality, but we are one small provider. I strongly urge everyone to contact members of Congress and the FCC itself. The Internet as you know it will be radically affected in ways you may not see immediately, but will absolutely shape the future.

Aaron Hildreth