I recently completed a round trip of 5,750 miles through 10 states between Utah and Indiana. I used and observed many HOV lanes on the way. The major cities of each state that I have driven through have HOV lanes, but nobody has a system like Utah’s.

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Other state’s left hand lane is restricted to HOV traffic only for three hours in the morning and three hours in the late afternoon/evening, and only in the direction having the high volume traffic. In addition, there are no double white lines keeping you trapped behind slowpoke drivers. These lines invite drivers to violate the law to get around them. In other states, you are free to move in and out of the HOV lane at any time as long as you adhere to the rules specified for using them.

None of those states have a toll system either, like the one here in Utah. Will anyone actually pay even 25 cents for driving in the HOV lane at 2 a.m. when there is hardly any traffic in the other lanes?

Erik Jensen