I spent last Saturday watching the Utah High School Track Championships. I am amazed at the sportsmanship and camaraderie that you see in this sport. Almost always before a race you see athletes from different schools smiling and talking to each other. After the race, you see those same students turn around and shake hands and congratulate their fellow competitors.

I saw the 2A finalists in the boy’s shotput clapping together to cheer on the top competitor before his throw. They knew that he would win and were cheering for him to improve his state record. That’s amazing in any sport.

The highlight of the day was a group of nine young men in a 100m final. Starting with the first introduced runner they each rubbed something in their hands then handed it to the next guy. We all wondered what they had in their hands to pass along. The last runner rubbed his hands together, and then threw up the pretend stuff with a gesture to the sky.

Congratulations to all athletes that were able to participate in the Utah State Track Championships this past weekend. And from those parents and spectators that were blessed to watch your sportsmanship, a big thank you.

Bonnie Shamo