Nine of Layton's parks now have "Layton Lightspeed" Wi-Fi access available.

LAYTON — Nine of the city's parks now have Wi-Fi access available.

Public filtered UTOPIA access, called “Layton Lightspeed,” is available in Andy Adams Park, 1713 E. 1000 North; Oak Forest Park, 2250 E. 2400 North; Woodward Park, 1505 N. 25 East; Chapel Street Park, 152 S. 900 East; Sandridge Park, 2555 N. Church St.; Ellison Park, 700 N. 2200 West; Chelsie Meadows Park, 1401 N. 2575 West; Vae View Park, 1600 N. Main; and Layton Commons Park, 437 N. Wasatch Drive.

The actual Wi-Fi speed will not be at UTOPIA’s full capacity, due to limitations in wireless transmitting equipment. But city officials say it is noticeably fast.

UTOPIA, with the help of a $16 million federal grant, has deployed fiber communications to Layton's educational, government and health care facilities in the past 18 months.

UTOPIA, or the Utah Telecommunications Open Infrastructure Agency, is a fiber-optic network supported by its member communities.

More information on wireless access can be found at