The budget situation on Capitol Hill worries us. Some programs are so important that, by cutting their funding, Congress puts people’s wellbeing in jeopardy. Consider the fact that federal lawmakers took $200 billion away from Medicare Advantage four years ago. More cuts like that could make the program effectively worthless. And, in the case of Medicare Advantage, that would be a travesty.

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We have an advantage plan through AARP. The coverage is great, but our out-of-pocket expenses have increased. Paying $29 for prescriptions and almost $200 to go to the hospital adds up quick. Douglas had kidney stones that required multiple hospital stays and we had to make a copayment each time. A couple hundred dollars may not sound like a lot to some people, but to most seniors it is.

Even with so much money already diverted from Medicare Advantage, the program could end up on the chopping block again. Cuts to this program affect over 14 million Americans who rely on these plans. We can tell you from personal experience that more cuts would be painful for senior citizens, and we hope the American people will not sit by and allow such a thing to happen.

Douglas and Sylvia Wright