Most people do not make it to the top. If they did, there would be no top. How about measuring people making progress instead of those who are better off.

If the bottom can make it to the middle, that is a really good thing, and should be measured at least as much as those getting to the top.

There will never be a possibility for everyone on top.

There are those who work much harder, are willing to take bigger risks, those who are smarter and those who are luckier than others. These people have a better chance of getting to the top.

Those who make good choices, stay in school, work hard to learn, don't have children out of wedlock, are willing to start at the bottom and do a great job have a better chance of working their way up.

People should be content to be in the middle. It is not a bad place to be.

Let's stop the envy, encourage individual responsibility and hard work as a way to make our lives better instead of expecting the government to give people everything and make them rich.

Pati Sorensen

Salt Lake City