Tom Smart, Deseret News
Tom Chambers shoots between Warren Kidd and Eric Leckner.

There is nothing that most BYU and Utah fans like more than to brag about who has produced better players and who has had the most success in the professional ranks. It’s not just Utes and Cougars who love this argument either. Utah State and Weber State fans love to join the conversation too, when they have players to brag about. With the success that Damian Lillard has had in his first two seasons in the NBA, Wildcats have been front and center in these debates, and feeling good about where they stand.

Of Utah’s six major schools, the Utes have had the most NBA and ABA players with 27, followed by BYU (21), Utah State (nine), Weber State (nine) and Utah Valley (one) while Southern Utah hasn’t had any, according to

Here is the list that shows who has the ultimate bragging rights when it comes to the best NBA players ever produced out of Utah’s Division 1 schools.

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