America is a great country. It really is. Utah is a great state, too. So when people say it makes no difference when Utah or Salt Lake cuts carbon emissions, I say they need to quit wringing their hands and stop acting as though we are helpless about climate change.

It is true that if only Utah acts, nothing changes. It is also true that if just one person cuts back on watering their lawn during a water shortage, water is not suddenly abundant again. But if that person talks with their neighbors and gets them to join together, there is no more crisis. When Salt Lake City increases energy efficiency or installs solar panels, it’s saying “we’re willing to do our part.” It’s telling Congress that we are willing to do more, if only everyone will join in.

The world wants, needs and is waiting for American leadership on global warming. America needs to take the first step, and then we can talk with India and China about how the world needs to take the second step. We just need to stop fretting and remember how strong we really are.

Steve Glaser