I read "Plan for unidentified 9/11 remains draws protest," by Karen Matthews. Unidentified remains from 9/11 are being moved to a repository underneath the new memorial museum. Relatives feel as though this is disrespectful, while other relatives agree with the placement. Although I understand both sides of the argument, I have to side with advocating the placement.

The city is making the memorial museum as just that, a memorial. I find it gracious and nearly patriotic that the remains will be stored there. Although as a family member it may hurt to even look at the museum, don't you think the victims would want the horrible day of 9/11 to be remembered by all? If so, then what an emotional way to tie our nation together by allowing them to walk through a museum supported by the hands of our loved ones lost. Reality will strike and everyone will be moved to action to engage others in never forgetting. Storing the some 41 percent of people who died and were unidentified at the museum is not an act of insolence and insensitivity, but a work of symbolism and nationalism.

Monica Wallis