Sarah Bessey was losing faith in God's love for her when she heard four words that changed her life: "You are not forgotten."

The Canadian native was on a trip in Germany when she found out she had another late-term miscarriage.

"Everything in me longed to be in Canada," Bessey said in a video.

Two days after her return home, she was sitting in church feeling alone when she made eye contact with a former pastor whom she had not previously known.

"She came walking over and she crouched down beside me and she grabbed my hands and she said, 'I feel like I have heard from God, and he wanted me to tell you that you are not forgotten,'" Bessey said.

After she heard those words, she felt like she could be released from her burden.

"Sometimes all we're looking for is someone to see us," Bessey said.

Now, more than a decade later, the Besseys have three children and continue to put their faith in God.