I’m responding to Michael Gerson’s article, which addressed the issue of genetically modified foods. I have found there are indeed clinical studies of GMO foods with significant negative results, including infertility. Many wiser nations have banned GMOs.

I have been tested as allergic to wheat but have no negative reaction to spelt, which is the ancient form of wheat. I wonder how many people think they are gluten intolerant when they’re really just allergic to today’s genetically engineered wheat.

Many people are allergic to corn — or are they simply reacting to the Roundup? About 90 percent of our corn is the GMO “Roundup Ready” variety (in which the corn is resistant to that extremely toxic poison), so that the entire field can conveniently be sprayed — repeatedly. Why has there been such an increase in allergies and gluten intolerance (which is practically epidemic) in just recent years? Could it be that the body doesn’t quite know what to do with a plant that has an animal gene introduced into it via a bacteria or virus? What good is cheaper food (more drought and pest resistant, bigger yields, etc.) if it makes people allergic, sick and tired?

Patty Anderson