OGDEN — A 21-year-old man accidentally shot his father in the leg Monday night while cleaning a .22-caliber rifle at a cabin in Ogden, police said.

Earlier in the evening, the man and one of his friends went shooting and came home about dark. A couple of hours later, the man decided to clean the rifle, police said. He claims he took the magazine out and cleared the gun, but when he sat down, his finger accidentally pulled the trigger and a chambered round discharged, according to Weber County Sheriff's Sgt. Lane Findlay.

The bullet struck the man's 49-year-old father, shattering his femur, Findlay said.

Police responded to the incident at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday, and the father was taken to McKay-Dee Hospital Center, where he underwent surgery for injuries that were not life-threatening.

The father was the caretaker for the property at 600 Canyon Road, and the family was apparently fixing up the home to prepare for new tenants, police said.

Police are calling the shooting accidental, and alcohol didn't appear to be a factor, Findlay said.

"Just a caution when people are handling firearms: Treat every gun like it's loaded, and not only look but also feel to make sure there's not a round in the chamber," he said.

— Morgan Jacobsen