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Temple Square and the Salt Lake Temple during the 184th Annual General Conference on Saturday, April 5, 2014 in Salt Lake City.

Dear Angela,

I just got my mission call to a Utah mission. If we can be frank here, I'd like to admit that it's just not ideal. Picture this: room filled with all of your closest friends and family screaming and making guesses as to which part of Africa or South America you'll be sent to, and then three minutes later you're reading a letter sending you to Salt Lake City. I'm half laughing about this, but to be honest — and I know this is terrible — I'm a little embarrassed about my mission call, and I can tell that my parents are, too. I saw that you served on Temple Square in Salt Lake City. From one Utah missionary to another, any advice?


Called 2 Serve

Dear Called 2 Serve,

I love this question. It is so honest and sincere. When I opened my call, I had some of the same human feelings. In fact, not a week before a friend of mine told me that Temple Square was the only place in the world I should hope not to be called.

And yet, there it was, "Temple Square Mission" and "Angela Trusty" all on the same piece of paper. My advice to you is to not beat yourself up for your embarrassed feelings. As you make the physical preparations for your mission and the reality that you're actually leaving starts to set in, your perspective will begin to change.

I spent a lot of evenings praying for the strength to go, not because of where I was going. Leaving your family and going off to preach the gospel is a huge undertaking for any young person. These conversations softened my heart and helped me to love my mission, even before I got there.

Once you're out, the glam (or the not glam, ha ha) surrounding where you're going dies down and your life becomes completely focused on the work. The man you're teaching who finally came to church, the mother who quit smoking, the Christlike attributes you need in order to serve, the dog that scared you half to death — these are the thoughts that will occupy your mind, not your current embarrassment.

So, give it time, if you work hard, you can love your mission, no matter where you serve.

Love, Angela

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Angela Trusty is a millennial writer who lives and writes about the young single adult Mormon experience. Twitter: askange_column