Jeff Hornacek drives past Blue Edwards during the Jazz game against the Vancouver Grizzlies on April 4, 1997 in Salt Lake City. Photo by Carmen Troesser.

From the passing of Len Bias only hours after the draft to the death of Drazen Petrovic in a car accident seven years later, the 1986 draft class was filled with tragedy at just about every turn. Add in a handful of drug-related suspensions and it is clear to see that the potential that came out of the ’86 draft was never fulfilled.

The ’86 draft was 162 picks over seven rounds with the first round consisting of 24 picks. Of the 162 players selected, 68 of them played in the NBA, according to basketball-reference.com. Of the 68 players to play in the NBA, Alexander Volkov (sixth round, 134th overall) was the player taken with the lowest pick in the draft to play in the league.

Even with all of the problems surrounding the ’86 draft class, there were still plenty of bright spots. There were five All-Stars and three players who were inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Note: three key players who helped to make the NBA a truly international league were all drafted in ’86 (Drazen Petrovic, Arvydas Sabonis and Alexander Volkov).

Here is a look at how the first-round 1986 draft would have gone if we knew then what we know now.

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