In the recent article, “If it’s okay for women to propose, why don’t they?” (May 3), it was mentioned that the trend for people under age 30 is swinging back to the traditional idea of men proposing marriage to women instead of the other way around.

I am a young woman, under the age of 30, and I am happy about this trend. I believe men have proposed to women for ages and it should stay that way — it is a tradition that has lasted because it is a good one.

It is a special thing for a woman to tell her experience of her marriage proposal. Women seem to be more open about sharing their experiences of marriage and family. It would seem weird if it were the other way around. I have never heard a husband share a special personal experience about his marriage proposal in front of other people.

I have noticed that women take a lot of responsibility in personal relationships. It is nice when the man takes charge in this very special tradition of beginning their marriage.

Trends may come and go, but this is a tradition worth keeping.

Anna Lloyd