I have been following Rocky Mountain Power’s proposed $4.25 fee for solar customers, and though I don’t have solar on my roof, I am concerned that this fee will discourage Utahns from investing in this abundant, nonpolluting energy source. I am particularly frustrated by Rocky Mountain Power’s attempt to pit communities against one another under the guise of fairness.

In an interview for Fox13Now.com ("Power company proposes new charge," April 15), Rocky Mountain Power’s Paul Murphy implied that people in Rose Park (referencing non-solar customers I assume), are in some way footing the bill for people in Park City (with solar). I’m a resident of Rose Park, and I know that solar energy is good for all Utahns because it helps to improve Utah’s air quality, promotes energy independence and security, and creates local jobs.

Furthermore, I am grateful to my neighbors in Rose Park, Park City, and beyond that are contributing clean energy to our grid, of which I (and others) benefit from. I may not have solar, but I certainly don’t want those making that investment penalized. Whether we live in Rose Park or Park City, clean energy and clean air are values that bring us together.

Brandy Smith

Rose Park