I accompanied my daughter and granddaughter to the West Jordan Health Center a couple weeks ago. It was in the evening and my granddaughter was very sick with a fever and ear pain. There was a long wait at the KidsCare so we opted to go to the InstaCare since the wait there was shorter. We chose to do this because we thought it was within our rights as a patient and a patron of the business to do so. After waiting about 10 minutes or so we were told we could not be seen because the doctor in the Instacare would not see children when the KidsCare is open.

I was really confused by this. We chose to be seen in the InstaCare, yet were being told by the doctor he would not see us because our patient was a child. Don't we have choices in our Health care? Don't we pay for our insurance so we can be covered when we are sick? When a child is sick during the day, does this doctor see them? This doctor was making a choice for us.

So, our choice was, either wait our turn in KidsCare, which was at least one hour, or leave the clinic and go somewhere else. So, we left the clinic.

I hope this doctor thinks twice next time as to why he became a doctor in the first place.

Robert Johnson

West Jordan