A few days ago I received my June 2014 issue of Consumer Reports magazine and I would like to hear what one Utah Senator and Utah DOT say about the findings in a study.

“Gas-saving tips & myths” (Consumer Reports, April 29):

“Slow down. In our tests, we've found that driving faster on the highway can really take a bite out of your car's fuel efficiency. We measured gas mileage while driving at a steady 55, 65 and 75 mph in a Honda Accord, Toyota RAV4 and three versions of a Ford Fusion, including a hybrid. The drop in fuel economy while going from 55 to 65 ranged from 4 to 8 mpg. Upping the speed from 65 to 75 cut it more. Overall, speeding is like moving from a compact car to a large SUV."

Use of more fuel means more pollution, does it not? Is a higher speed more important than the burden that the cost of fuel will put on seniors and the general public?

Let's get the speed back to the lower speed. Everyone will benefit from more issued tickets for speeding, except the speeder.

Dennis Wilson