Rocky Mountain Power has created a monopoly when it comes to producing power and energy for its Utah and Wyoming residents. With increases in resources for energy, there should also be an increase in customers who are educated about the products made available. Rocky Mountain Power has taken it upon itself to increase rates for those doing the little they can to help preserve energy.

Much like myself before research, people are unaware of what is good for our environment and what is harmful. They might say they are satisfied because they do not see the direct negative effects that are happening to our environment because of it.

Rocky Mountain Power has proposed to add an additional $4.25 per month for those trying to be more energy efficient. Why do they do this? They say it is for equality but really they have targeted the few customers who are investing in being energy smart. It’s up to us to decide what we will allow and what we will stand up and fight for. As we become educated, we can fight back and create an environment that will help better the beautiful state we live in and love so much. The more knowledge we have, the more power we have to help sustain a friendly, healthy environment.

Lauren Nielson