DINOSAUR NATIONAL MONUMENT — Two backcountry campsites at Ely Creek along the Jones Hole Trail are now open at Dinosaur National Monument following closures due to black bear activity.

“When the campsites were closed last summer, there was significant concern about increasing bear activity in the area," said monument acting Superintendent Mark Foust. "Our priorities are to protect both visitors and wildlife in the monument. We monitored the area for bear activity last year and this spring and have decided to reopen the campsites with a newly installed bear-proof food storage locker.”

Visitors can make reservations and receive more information about the two backcountry campsites at Ely Creek by calling the Quarry Visitor Center at 435-781-7700 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

All visitors to the popular Jones Hole Trail are advised to be on the lookout for black bears. Hikers and campers are encouraged to be alert for their presence and report bear sightings as soon as possible at a visitor center or ranger station.

Visitors are reminded to store food, garbage, camp coolers and other items that can attract bears in bear-proof storage boxes or a vehicle in developed campgrounds. If you encounter a bear, never approach it and leave the area immediately. More information about bears is available at the visitor centers or entrance station or on the monument website.