Regarding the recent accident involving the school girl and a bus in South Jordan:

As a child, I road the school bus from Highland. Our bus driver would not allow students to cross the street in front of his bus. It was a small community with little traffic, but in spite of that, he stood by his standard.

Maybe rules are different now, but I always think of that when I see students get off of a bus and cross the street without even looking. A driver of a car could pass that bus without thinking.

I am a crossing guard, morning and afternoon. I hope that my being there is a factor that has prevented accidents on my corner, but I do see some close calls.

There is a school bus stop about a quarter block south of me. Occasionally the bus driver needs to honk her horn to prevent a car from passing her bus. Cars often fly by my corner to beat the light, and then have to slam on their brakes for the school zone.

This job has made me more aware of safety concerns around schools. Maybe parents should take their turn and learn more about safety by holding that stop sign on the busy street corner.

Bryant Larsen

Salt Lake City