We have been hearing too much about people who have expressed their opinions, some in private conversation, who have subsequently been totally ostracized and vilified for expressing them.

A company founder and CEO was literally forced out of his office for supporting Proposition 8 in California, some eight years ago; Chick-fil-A was threatened by some activists for expressing its disfavor for same-sex marriage; and now, a basketball team owner is almost destroyed for comments made in a private conversation.

First Amendment rights have been destroyed by "political correctness." No longer is there freedom of speech, freedom of religion — and that becomes freedom of opinion and expression.

I may not agree with what these people said, or how it was said, but that should not take away their freedoms as guaranteed by our wonderful Constitution. I heard a great man make a comment about the fact that everyone has the right to be offended. However, he can also choose not to be offended. To try to put into our society any kind of law against anything that may prove to be offensive or hurtful to someone is patently ridiculous and wrong.

Russell Bender