What’s become of common courtesy in communication?

My parents' example of hungering for learning, coupled with their valuable influence, led me into a lifetime love affair with words.

Today it is too common observing our beautiful English language being injected with rude and crude comments all around us in so many places. And it hurts!

Panels of reporters striving to express opinion without even taking turns stir up a competitive spirit talking over each other. Such tactless, escalating, argumentative-sounding voices sometimes leave listeners clueless to the genuine message intended.

Christian comedian Brad Stine got it right in his article “Words created everything, so we should use them carefully.”

Concerning using God’s name in vain, Stine said, “If God’s name can be trivialized, then nothing is sacred and we no longer need to remain vigilant to what we as a culture hold dear.”

“Taking God’s name in vain indicates we no longer believe there are sacred, immutable ideas that transcend cultural conventions and ultimately we embrace the rule of man, not the rule of God,” Stine said.

Thanks to all who implement the wise old adage, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

Carolyn J. Freebairn

Salt Lake City