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Stephanie Nielson discussed how she uses her blog to share the gospel at BYU's Women's Conference.

PROVO — Bloggers Kathryn Skaggs and Stephanie Nielson addressed the power of sharing the gospel through social media during the Thursday morning session of BYU's Women's Conference.

In their joint presentation, "Social Media: New Ways to Invite Others to 'Come and See,'" Skaggs and Nielson shared their personal successes and failures in the blogging and online world.

Skaggs, author of the blog A Well-Behaved Mormon Woman, continually referred to social media as a "power tool" during her presentation. She urged women to balance the use of this tool between fun and missionary work.

"Without the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ with its revealed truths, technology alone could never replace the inspired direction of those endowed with power from on high," Skaggs said. "We are preparing the world for the second coming of the Savior. We are in the final minutes. We don't have time to Pinterest too much."

Skaggs uses her blog to share her beliefs and uplifting stories. She encouraged the audience to use its social media platforms in a positive way that reflects the beliefs and values of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

"In my opinion, without the covenant-keeping members of the church to plug in, pick up and get to work using today's technology to advance the work — social media potentially one of the most significant — there would be no reason for the Lord to reveal many of the amazing technological advancements we enjoy today."

Nielson, who survived a nearly fatal plane crash in 2008, spoke about her determination to share the gospel online and her gratitude for the chances she has been given.

"I don't have a tag on my chest, but that doesn't mean I'm off the hook," Nielson said. "I love sharing the simple message of God's plan for me and my family."

Like Skaggs, Nielson said she tries to incorporate gospel messages and concepts into her everyday online posts.

She suggested testifying of the love of Christ in simple ways, such as posting photos of your children with uplifting captions or expressing gratitude for nature's beauty using a photo of a sunset on Instagram. Nielson said blessings have come to her through her willingness to open her mouth and share the gospel.

"You can be a missionary just by being a good member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints," Nielson said. "I am not very savvy with technology, but what I can do is testify of Christ. Honestly, you can too."

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