Does anyone besides me fear for our democracy? We now live in a world where the rich and powerful can spend unlimited amounts of money on think tanks. This creates right-wing issues that appeal to emotion but have little or no basis in fact. Some of these issues include liberals wanting to take your guns away, the rich being given more and more tax breaks or liberals wanting to take your money and give it to the poor, who will just waste it.

These messages are then repeated by Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and others. Unfortunately, this works and causes hard-working, struggling Americans to vote against their own self-interest repeatedly.

We need to fund quality education and fix our infrastructure, we need affordable quality health care for all. We need to maintain our national and state parks, not sell off the land for development.

Please do not allow yourself to be manipulated any more. Educate yourself on the issues. Vote for candidates who will invest in our future, not starve our society so a few well-off and well-connected campaign donors can make exorbitant short-run profits at our expense.

Mark Rothacher

Salt Lake City