I have read letters of how our government ignores our wishes and wants in letters to the editor and readers forums for years. I for one am grateful that our system of government still works. These cries for change always state how this is what the majority wants, or that in our democracy this is what we should have. Well, we don't live on "American Idol." We live in America.

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America's government is a representative republic. The Founding Fathers set it up that way to protect the rights of the few and to help prevent mob rule. We have chiseled away at our Constitution over the years either through amendments to the Constitution or Supreme Court rulings that find basis in international or European law. Our base document is and should be our Constitution. This has led us further away from the form of government that was set up and less liberty.

So next time you hear a person calling for change because the majority wants something, think of the rights that you are willing to give up.

Richard L. Behling