Hold on there, Mr. Nohavec (“Ignoring American wishes,” April 28). Remember, “polling” is a nebulous concept fraught with dishonesty, clever manipulations, targeting, etc. We need to know what the questions are.

Studies also show that background checks are unwanted schemes for universal registration, that women largely do receive equal compensation (although not universally), that forcing employers to provide birth control isn’t really lawful or morally justifiable, and that requiring reasonable conditions for legitimizing illegal immigrants would produce better citizens, not just a partisan voting block.

A careful look at “Republicans in Congress [who] refuse to represent the people’s will on these issues” shows that there is considerable need to use judgment and restraint to prevent the total destruction of orderly society in America by runaway legislative, judicial and executive malfeasance. What is said in these legislative battles clearly illustrates that just and honest arguments are often outvoted by shrill and capricious voices with their massive financial backing, far outweighing backing by “corporate behemoths” on the right side of things.

Allan South