A recent editorial discussed safeguards needed to protect the right to vote for all. While progress has been made, the sad fact is that voting discrimination still exists, and minorities throughout our country (including African-Americans, Latinos, Asian-Americans and others) continue to face attempts to block their right to vote, such as moving polling places, election dates and district boundaries.

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The recently introduced Voting Rights Amendment Act that was mentioned would increase confidence in our electoral system by creating modern, flexible tools to protect the right to vote. These include fixes like allowing for real-time review of voting changes that may be discriminatory and increased notification and transparency of election changes. These steps to modernize the Voting Rights Act are needed to protect voters from current discrimination, which is why this bill has bipartisan support in Congress.

The editorial got one thing right — so far Congress has not moved forward on advancing this important voting rights bill. That is why I urge members of Utah’s congressional delegation and all in Congress to push this important legislation forward and protect the right to vote for all. Citizens of our democracy deserve no less.

Kitty Kaplan

Cottonwood Heights