Chicago Bulls' guard, Michael Jordan in uniform in 1984. (AP Photo)

Even with the best organizations and the best general managers, the draft is still an inexact science. Players who look like can't-miss prospects end up out of the league after a season or two while guys who were almost afterthoughts taken at the bottom of the draft turn into All-Stars. The ’84 draft was 228 picks over 10 rounds with the first round consisting of 24 picks. Of the 228 players selected, 58 of them played in the NBA, according to Of those 58 players, Brian Martin (round nine, 185 overall) was the player taken with the lowest pick to play in the league.

Everyone talks about the ’84 draft because of the huge misses near the top, but the Trail Blazers weren't the only team that missed out on a legend of the game early in the draft, which turned out to be a great thing for the Jazz organization and fans alike.

Here is a look at how the first-round 1984 draft would have gone if we knew then what we know now.

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