I'm totally frustrated — Republicans in Congress are deliberately and consistently opposing the wishes of the American people.

Polling shows that the majority of Americans (1) favor requiring background checks of prospective purchasers of firearms at gun shows; (2) favor giving women equal compensation for equal work; (3) favor requiring health plans to cover birth control costs; and (4) favor allowing illegal immigrants to stay in the US and apply for citizenship. (Respectively, these polls are from,,, Journal of the American Medical Association and CNN Politics.)

Yet, Republicans in Congress refuse to represent the people's will on these issues. Why? Must they act only to satisfy their corporate donors? Are we no longer a functioning democracy and instead really an oligarchy primarily serving the desires of the wealthy?

Congressional Republicans are continuing to stifle the desires of the vast majority of Americans. How can I, a solitary citizen in concert with the majority of Americans, battle these Republicans who seemingly choose to only serve the interests of corporate behemoths?

How can I help America return to a government of the people, by the people, and for the people? Please tell me, what I can do?

Robert Nohavec

Park City