This year I was in a car crash. This crash happened at lunchtime and affected over 10 people. While none of us was severely hurt, the cars received some significant damage, and the drivers were late to their next classes. I often see cars that have been hit or pulled over at lunch, which result in students missing their lunch and being late to class.

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I believe that closed-campus high schools would provide a solution to this problem. Short lunch periods cause students to rush to and from school. Too many newly licensed students crowd the streets rushing to avoid being late to their next class. This kind of reckless and hasty driving increases the probability of a car crash. The weather in Utah makes this situation even worse. On snowy days students still want their lunch, so in dangerous conditions students leave school and have a higher chance of being in a crash.

A closed campus would allow the administration to monitor the campus with better control and make the school more of a safe zone. A closed campus for high schools is the solution to these problems.

Megan Warburton