“By the people, for the people”? Whatever happened to that? Part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) states that employers are required to provide birth control for their employees. The craft store, Hobby Lobby, being a Christian organization, believes they do not have to provide birth control because it is against their beliefs. The government states that religion cannot dictate whether or not organizations have birth control.

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The Catholic Church believes you should never use birth control under any circumstances. Whereas, the ACA has stepped out of bounds telling the people of this country that they have to accept birth control. People should be free to choose from both sides. Birth control is not a bad thing. It can help health as the recipient gets older and prevent unplanned pregnancies.

The president of Hobby Lobby is in charge of what he will allow in his organization. The employee’s signed the contract when they applied, knowing they would not receive birth control. The federal government should back out of personal choices and let freedom of choice and the majority of people rule, instead of the president ruling. Government exists to help the people, not to dictate them.

Michaela Mason