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Krista Jensen is the author of "Falling for You."

"FALLING FOR YOU," by Krista Lynne Jensen, Covenant Communications, $16.99, 272 pages (f)

Beginning where she left off, Krista Lynne Jensen adds to her growing list of novels with another elegant love story, but this time for just a slightly older crowd. “Falling for You” shares the story of Elizabeth Embry, the older sister of Alisen from “The Orchard.”

Alisen fell in love with and married a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and was baptized, which was a decision Elizabeth wasn’t particularly keen about.

“Falling for You” is Elizabeth’s conversion story. Elizabeth is in her late 20s and has left no stone unturned around the globe; she’s adventurous and has made a career of fashion and travel. However, there’s a story behind her old nickname, “Wild One,” and it’s a story she’s determined to forget. Running from her past isn’t easy, and it always finds a way to catch up with her.

She’s suddenly finds herself faced with an opportunity in the rugged Jackson Hole, Wyo. An previous professor wants Elizabeth’s help with a niche boutique so she flies to Wyoming to see if it’s a good fit. Though her stay is short, Elizabeth finds herself hiking, running into old friends, making new friends and even maybe falling in love.

The beauty behind Elizabeth’s story lies in the way Jensen trickles in members of the LDS Church in a way that’s unexpected and not overwhelming. Elizabeth knows about the church — her family was exposed to the gospel as her sisters have married Mormons. In fact, up until her stay in Jackson Hole, Elizabeth shied away from the church in every capacity.

That all changes when she meets Ryan, a handsome father of three and the man behind one of Jackson Hole’s famous bed and breakfasts. He doesn’t know Elizabeth’s past, but he is drawn to her with a force he can’t fight. With each passing day, Elizabeth finds herself on a new adventure, often by Ryan’s side, and she feels herself starting to fall for a man she never imagined herself with, in a place she never dreamed she would live.

Jensen’s eloquent writing matches her truly beautiful and love-centered plot. The novel is clean all around — no violence, bad language or innuendos. LDS Church values are spread throughout the story, but in such a way that makes it a great read for Mormons and non-Mormons alike. The overarching message is a resounding affirmation of Christ’s love for all his children.

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